2018 Keto 101 Speakers

Updates coming for 2019

Dr. Ken Berry

Ken D. Berry, MD – Board Certified Fellow in Family Medicine, author of LIES MY DOCTOR TOLD ME.  Has practiced full-spectrum family medicine for over a decade in rural Tennessee.  During that time, having seen over 20,000 patients, Dr, Berry has focused more and more on chronic diseases caused by the wrong-headed nutrition advice given to patients by doctors and nutritionists.  Dr. Berry loves to teach and answer questions.  He is married, his beautiful wife Neisha is with us on the cruise, they have 4 smart, beautiful children.  He is a reader and a writer.  You can join him on Facebook and Instagram @kendberry,md, and on YouTube @kendberrymd.  You can sign up for his mailing list and get a free chapter of his latest book here: http://eepurl.com/cZ85X5.


Neisha Salas-Berry, R.N.

Neisha Salas-Berry, R.N. has been a nurse for over 10 years and has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease since November of 2016. Along with Hashimotos, she has a history of anxiety and depression.  She has been self-treating with the Ketogenic Diet since January 2018. Along with being a labor and delivery nurse, Neisha is a blogger, a vlogger, and full time supporter of her husband Ken D. Berry. Her blog www.neishalovesit.blog touches on everything from her struggles with autoimmune disease and mental-health, to her love for shoes and travel.


Maria Emmerich

Maria Emmerich is a wellness expert in nutrition and exercise physiology and the founder of keto-adapted.com. Maria’s success stems from her passion for helping others reach and sustain optimal health through programs and education that works on a personalized level. After struggling with her weight throughout her childhood, she decided to study health and wellness so she could help others who are discouraged by their appearance and do not feel their best mentally. She is the author of several cookbooks and three nutritional guidebooks, including: Global Bestsellers “The Ketogenic Cookbook” and “Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking”. Maria’s blog, mariamindbodyhealth.com, includes a unique combination of innovative recipes using alternative ingredients to less-healthy options and easy-to-understand explanations of why these options are better for our health.


Stephanie Holbrook


Stephanie Holbrook is a CHEK Exercise Coach, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, USA Cycling and USA Triathlon Coach.  Stephanie took up endurance sports because she wanted to get into shape. She thought, surely, all that training would help her get fit and thin. She at the high carbohydrate, low fat diet recommended to endurance athletes. Instead of getting thinner, she got fatter, sicker, and broken.  She knew she had to make a change. She found out about low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. She made the change and finally got leaner, faster, stronger and healthy.  She is the owner of Endurance. She has a passion for helping fellow athletes, like her, to use the power of ketogenic diets to look, feel, and perform at their best.

Dr. John Limansky


Dr. John Limansky is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine. He has worked as a hospital medicine physician for a decade and saw first hand the destruction caused by a modern western diet and lifestyle. His desire to improved health and longevity for his patients and society led to him creating his own virtual practice based in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Limansky incorporates biohacking techniques within a ketogenic lifestyle to improve health at a cellular level. He currently is the cohost of The KetoHacking MD podcast with veteran podcaster, Jimmy Moore. You can find him on social media @johnlimanskymd or via his website www.johnlimanskymd.com

Jimmy Moore

Jimmy Moore catapulted onto the health scene in 2004 after a phenomenal 180-pound weight loss enabled him to come off of prescription drugs for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and respiratory problems. He is the energetic personality behind the über-popular blog Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb and the host of the longest-running and one of the top-ranked iTunes health podcasts, The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. Jimmy also hosts two other active podcasts Keto Talk With Jimmy Moore & The Doc and Fasting Talk with Jimmy Moore and Friends along with the retired podcast Ask The Low-Carb Experts and the departed Low-Carb Conversations. He has interviewed over 1300 of the world’s top health experts and has dedicated his life to helping people get the best information possible about living healthy so they can make the right decisions for their health. Jimmy is an engaging speaker who has been invited to speak all around the world, including the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and across the United States. He is the international bestselling author of The Complete Guide To Fasting,The Ketogenic Cookbook, Keto Clarity, and Cholesterol Clarity as well as the upcoming release of The Keto Cure, Keto Freedom, and Weight Loss White Lies. Learn more about Jimmy and his work at www.livinlavidalowcarb.com.


Christine Moore

Christine Moore, NTP is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in real food-based low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic nutrition. She helps clients globally via Skype through her Rebooting Your Nutrition (http://www.rebootingyournutrition.com) business and is passionate about customizing the diet to the individual. Christine is a regular guest on the weekly One Moore Thing With Jimmy podcast (http://www.omtwithjimmy.com) airing on Fridays with her husband and international bestselling keto author, podcaster, and speaker Jimmy Moore. She works diligently to get to the underlying issues in your digestion, gut health, blood sugar and insulin levels to optimize your health nutritionally in the most natural way possible. Christine resides in Spartanburg, South Carolina with her husband, four cats, and fifteen backyard chickens.

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